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Below are five publicly available examples of our support tools. There are 14 in total covering topics such as managing stress, resilience, sleep and family relationships. If you would like to view all of the tools and take part in the next phase of research, please register by clicking on the link below.



The Carers-ID project is designed to provide useful information for carers of people with profound and multiple intellectual disabilities but will also be useful for carers of people with other disabilities. We hope you will find something here that works for you.

Module 2


There is a lot of jargon associated with interactions with healthcare services or terms which are used by professionals. Our module on ‘Terminology’ is intended as a resource which can be used to look-up unfamiliar terms which are commonly used.

Module 3

Peer Support

This module works through mentorship where we connect carers who have volunteered to be mentors with others who would like someone to talk to. The module describes what the mentor and mentees should expect to gain from the relationship in addition to explaining what the benefits of mentorship are.

Module 4

COVID experiences

This module is intended to bring together what carers have told us about how they got through the pandemic. Their stories are told from their unique perspectives and while they may not reflect your experience we hope you will find some commonalities.

Module 5

Managing Stress

This module provides the reader with many of the common signs and symptoms which indicate you may be feeling stressed. Again, we provide a number of strategies that can be used to manage stress including finding support through relationships, going for a walk and eating better.

Module 6 - 14

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We are currently testing whether family carers find these support tools useful. If you would like to view all of these tools we would appreciate your taking part in this part of the research. You can register here and will be sent some further information about this work. If you are happy to take part you will then be given access.
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