Peer Support

Module 3: Peer Support

We would like to offer what we are calling a mentorship programme to any carer who would like to take part.

It is clear that people really appreciated the peer support they had during the pandemic and the relationships they developed with other carers.

“Because we had [Daughter] during the pandemic, all of our support has come from peers and from being online to talking to other parents who have been through this.”

“…so we are all in the same boat but at different stages. Sometimes that’s really good that I have found in some of the peer support groups that I have been involved in throughout the pandemic. There are times when I am meeting parents who have a child who would be very like [Son] and they are 12 or 13, it’s that way of seeing what their experience was. I know my experience isn’t going to be exactly the same but it’s even just getting that bit of knowledge that way too which I never had before.”

“It’s only other carers who really know exactly what you are going through. Your friends and family can be supportive, but they don’t really know what it is like to have that 24/7 responsibility.”

“It is completely different and that’s where a lot of the peer support is good because you kind of, well I don’t have any sort of immediate family or close friends who would have a child like [Son]. So, that’s where the peer support became really beneficial for me because I got to meet other parents who have children with similar disabilities, maybe a different condition but the same challenges. That’s always been really good for me.”

We are seeking mentors and mentees from across the UK to take part in this aspect of the Carers-ID project.

We think mentees are likely to be carers who would like to have someone to talk to who has been in the same situation as them.

Benefits for you as someone being mentored (the mentee)

  • Sharing your experiences with someone who has been in a similar position.
  • Mentors have an awareness of your situation because they have been there too.
  • A mentor can become a friend who can offer a different perspective.
  • You can gain confidence, support and encouragement.
  • You can learn from your mentor’s experiences.
  • They may know of other resources that could be of use to you.

Mentors will be carers who would like to support others. There is no particular age or experience requirement, you just need to be willing to listen and share your experiences as a carer openly and honestly. The best mentors are those who have the relevant experience and desire to get involved.  You are not expected to know all the answers.

Benefits for you as a mentor

  • Talking to others can give you a different perspective.
  • You are likely to learn a lot about others and possibly yourself.
  • You will become exposed to different people outside your usual network.
  • You can create a network of carers who all support each other and you.
  • Helping other carers can be a rewarding experience.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee please contact us to let us know and we will arrange this for you.

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